I want to bite my nails with anticipation; my book should go to print this week! The check has been written for 2,000 copies to be printed! I was telling my sister about this the other morning when she asked if I had watched Arthur on PBS with the kids during breakfast. I had no idea what my children’s book being printed and Arthur on PBS had in common or how we veered off from the important topic of printing, “My Mommy is a Blogger”. As it turns out, they have a lot in common because the character Muffy has a blog! Too bad Muffy doesn’t use her blog in a nice way!

This is one reason I wanted to publish, “My Mommy is a Blogger”, to better explain what I do in a fun, simple and illustrated way to my children and others but to also express the power of our words for good and bad. What we write online cannot be erased or deleted. We think it can but our words most likely have been captured by someone’s screen shot and seen by hundreds of others. I’m guilty of wishing I did not tweet, post or write something. It is easy to hide behind a screen with your words and feel empowered but you can go too far and potentially hurt others.

I wanted the message of our words being powerful to ring through in my book and I’m certain this message will resonate with children and adults that read the book. Our words can influence others. I want my children to think hard about their choice of words and how their words can inspire, motivate, encourage and make a difference. I’m glad PBS’s children’s show Arthur addressed web blogging and how we need to think about privacy and our words carefully. It is so easy to share everything and anything publicly nowadays that I believe it is good to begin having these discussions with our children as early as preschool, don’t you agree?

Watch some of the episode here and tell me what do you think?

Image Credit of Muffy: PBS Kids

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  1. the film. It is about archetypes and silliness and some terrible impacts of alcoholism. Not everything is amazing. But Russell Brand is a hoot as Arthur son who cares nothing for his mothers high powered corporation.

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