A while back I wrote about the PBS Kids’ hit series called, “Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies”. My children enjoy watching this series and when the television is on, I try to make sure PBS is the station we choose. You have to check your local listings and make sure you watch the Mother’s Day Special that will air this weekend. My son and I curled up on the couch during rest time the other day and both of agreed that it was a great show. He’s even requested to watch it again! It showcases the bond a mother and child have in the animal kingdom. Some adorable footage of mother animals and their babies, made me squeeze my little one closer to me. Something I really enjoyed about watching this episode was the message that not all animals are the same and its okay for animals to want to be independent but they need their mommies too. This elicited a great deal of conversation and turned into a wonderful parenting lesson. I think, when possible, parents should watch television with their children and when a conversation can’t come of it and learning takes place, the time is well spent. Have a great mother’s day weekend and be sure to enjoy this show with your child; it will be well worth it.

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