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Have you ever heard of a puffet? I hadn’t either but there’s this adorable little (growing bigger) company called, Peas of Mind, that’s making all natural eats for our little ones and they’re organic with non of the yucky stuff! You know the artificial colors, hormones and preservatives. They call their organic meals, “puffets” and here’s their definition:

(Püf-ët) noun

a. mini casserole
b. organic
c. healthy & quick
veggie sneak attack
kids love them!

How adorable is that? The founder, Jill Litwin, grew up loving nutritious, wholesome, farm fresh food and that inspired her to create, Peas of Mind. They have banana, carrot, black bean polenta, eat your green puffets, pasta puffet and a lentil puffet . I’m pretty sure my daughter would be all over the banana one and if I can sneak some veggies into her day, I’m happy! Let the meal be organic and quick and I’m over the moon. I don’t have a local store in my area but at the website I could request it be carried at a local store and I can even by the products online. So no need to worry, you’ll be able to get this fabulous product, one way or another!

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