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My daughter loves pretend play and dress up and recently at a local health fair they offered finger nail painting for young children. It was exactly healthy for the kids with the traditional  nail polish having the toxic chemical odor and questionable ingredients but the children flocked to these little manicure stations where teen girls gave manicures and applied tattoos. My first reaction was to freak but then I took a deep breath and realized that I can’t have my child in a padded non-toxic safe room all the time. Instead I would research some alternatives and give this information to the organizers of the health fair for next year.

The same day as the health fair I received an email from Piggy Paint™ and after viewing their website and seeing that they claim to be non-toxic with no smelly odors, toxic chemicals and the polish is safe for the environment and my child I jumped at the chance to review the product as a “safer” alternative.

I was excited to review the nail polish and liked that the ingredients were listed along with specific directgreen and clean mom piggy paint nail polishions on how to use the polish so it would look the best; stay on the finger nails and even how to remove the polish. The polish remover worked very well and Piggy Paint™ says it is non-toxic, odorless, water based and hypoallergenic. After painting my daughters nails, removing old polish and having my fingers and nails painted I am pleased to say there was no harsh odor on either the nail polish or the remover.

Piggy Paint™ says the ingredients are natural as mud but we all know that not everything natural is necessarily good for us. I felt confident using the products as a “safer alternative” to traditional polishes. The directions state to use a blow dryer to set the polish and I found this to be necessary. The first time we used the polish we skipped this step but it did not stay on as long. To avoid daily finger nail painting I suggest not skipping this step.

The company graciously offered a $30 gift certificate to be used one time at PiggyPaint.com and for all Green and Clean Mom readers through May 24, 2009 using the code: “GreenMom” at checkout you can receive a 20% discount.

The giveaway has ended and the winner was randomly drawn and notified. Congrats to comment number 4, Katie!

piggy paint

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