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Every time I log onto Facebook or Instagram, I see someone posting their latest vacation pictures. It makes me itch to get away to a tropical island. I see photos of friends snorkeling, climbing mountains, eating out at restaurants on the beach and trying new foods. It’s tough to not want to join them and have my own adventures.

Which is why, I’m hitting up Groupon Getaways. They always have deals and steals for traveling. My husband and I took a Disney Cruise with the children, last winter. Now it’s our turn for an adult vacation. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s what I love about shopping with Groupon (I’m a regular!) for travel:

  • They have a deal of the day! You never know what it’s going to be. I check this regularly because it just might be something my husband and I would be interested in. I’ve sent several deals of the day to family members to peak their interest!
  • I can search destinations and specific dates. For example, I’m looking for the tropics and sometime in January or February. I’m also eyeing a weekend trip this fall to wine country. (Wishful thinking!)
  • I can search interest level – which is nice because for my husband and I, we don’t want a family friendly trip but a romantic trip. Wink. Wink.
  • There are flash deals where the prices suddenly drop. I check these regularly! Maybe I’ll score a last minute getaway that is totally unplanned. One never knows!

There are so many choices! We could go to Italy with air fare and a rental car for only $1,249 each. There are travel deals for all-inclusive resorts that include air fare or some that don’t. You can really search for anything and everything.

Tip:  You have to read the fine print to make sure you understand what you’re paying for, that is the key! There were a few trips that I’ve been close to buying but then I read that the airport isn’t close to my home or some other minor detail that won’t work for me. So read the fine print!

To top it off, the savings don’t end when you book a trip on Groupon. Oh, no! If you jump on over to the Groupon Coupon page, there are coupons for hundreds of retailers. You can search for a specific retailer or just browse through the latest coupons. For example, book a trip and then get a rental car coupon! Look for entertainment deals for shows and musicals. Find a retailer coupon to shop for a new dress or bathing suit. The point is to SAVE wherever you can. Nobody wants to break the bank when going on vacation, right?

If you’re not a Groupon “groupie” you should become one. I’ve personally saved on Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, wine club memberships, meals out on the town and so much more. Sign up for Groupon today if you’re not a member already, it’s free!

Let the savings begin and join me in booking a trip to somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going!

Disclaimer:  I’m affiliated with Groupon and I’m compensated for my time. All opinions are my own. I’m genuinely sharing with you my use of Groupon so you can experience the savings that I do!

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