We are hoping that most of you are making at least one change for Earth Day this year. Some ideas include but are not limited to recycling, changing your cleaning products, reducing your electricity consumption, walking instead of driving, etc… I have made some changes, one of those changes include altering some of my health and beauty products. I went to our local farmers market and bought handmade soap, bought LUSH shampoo, and have been using vitamin E for lotion. While I like all of those products I’m always willing to try a product that might be healthier or a better fit for me and my family.  Please remember I am learning and like many of you I am eco-challenged and beginning my journey of going green! As Green and Clean Mom’s sister I’m inspired but I’m not perfect. I always recommend you do your own research and check out the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Reviews.

Recently I was given an opportunity to try a new product called SEED. I was lucky enough to be able to try their invigorating citrus thyme body soap, the simply unscented conditioning shampoo bar, and their invigorating citrus thyme body lotion. I liked all of these products; I liked it even more that SEED maintains that their products are 100% natural and that they list all of their ingredients. I liked the gritty content of the soap, the smell of it, and the size of it; you’re getting your money’s worth. The scent did not mix with my body chemistry so I am going to have to try another scent. I like the conditioning shampoo but I think I would try the scented next time and I’m use to liquid shampoo/conditioner so that took some getting use to. The lotion was above all my favorite. I have really really dry skin and have not yet found a lotion that fits my skin type. I think I found “my” lotion. Not only did I like the smell of the lotion but I liked the way it made my skin feel re-hydrated vs. greasy. I use a lot of lotion so I would find it helpful if the product came in larger quantities. Not only is SEED helping the environment but they are offering some promotions this month that might help you.

– Tell SEED how you are “greening up your routine” in 140 characters or less on Twitter or Facebook. SEED’s favorite 25 tweets from Twitter and 25 favorite wall posts on Facebook will win 1 grape seed enriched moisturizing body soap and 1 grape seed enriched lathering shampoo bar (made especially fine to normal and shorter hair)! All winning tips will also be posted on their blog, newsletter, and/or other SEED Sites!

– Support a worthy National Charity!  If you join SEED’s email/newsletter community between now and April 15th, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win $500 to a charity of your choice plus the entire SEED collection for you and a friend!

-For all you going to BlogHer, BlogHer Promotion (Starts April 1)
One hard working blogger will receive a $500 Blogher sponsorship. To enter create a blog post on your site – the topic “SEEDS of Green Inspiration” – where you tell SEED what inspired you to pursue a cleaner, greener lifestyle in 250 words or less. Then, submit the link from your blog to SEED so they can review it. Finalists will have their posts on the SEED site during the final voting process where they will ask the blogosphere to pick their winner!

– Contest Rules:  Only one winner per household. All winners must live in the USA or Canada.  If you post on Twitter start your tweet with their hashtag: #seedpower so they can find your green-tastic tip! The $500 donation winner may select from the following charities:  American Cancer Society, Big Brother/Big Sisters of America, Sierra Club, or Autism Speaks.

Please note: Winner must provide proof of payment for the Blogher’10 conference.

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