They say that if you can’t beat them then join them. That sage advice works wonders when it comes to video games. Usually kids are playing with friends or by themselves in their rooms. Get them up and moving with more active video game consoles.

If you let a kid sit in his room and play video games, he will hibernate. He’s not a bear and his body won’t digest the fat to survive. Allowing your kids to play video games is not wrong but stay involved so that you can keep them from being a detriment to his health. As a work from home mother I value the quiet time but letting my children sit at the game console isn’t worth it.

One solution is the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo has attempted to resurrect virtual reality play on a large scale (with great success) for the gamer and those who don’t really play video games that much. Just the fact that you can control the movement of the characters in the games with your body is enough to get anyone into the game.

The more popular games on the Wii game systemWii Consoles)are ones that allow multiple players. Try out Mario vs. Sonic. It is a series of Olympic competitions played with the characters from both video games. You and your kids can choose your character and compete in swimming relays, running races, field events like the long jump and high jump and others. You’ll laugh at the movements you make in order to get your character to win. Most of all, your family will get some exercise without even knowing it.

Playing video games with your kids does two things. First, it lets you bond with them using the game to spend quality time getting to know them. Secondly, you can see what types of games your kids are interested in playing and make sure they are appropriate for their age group.  It is fun to laugh with the kids when they see mom win or lose and we enjoy the time together!

With the nation’s obesity issue I’m not a proponent for letting children watch a ton of television and stay inside all day to play video games but it is about moderation and monitoring the time spent inside with screen time activities.

What tips do you have for monitoring screen time?

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