Anita from Mom’s Rising, Margie from Safer Chemicals and Robyn from AllergyKids Foundation have come together to create this video, asking you to become educated, think and then do something about the toxic chemical concoctions that are allowed to be bottled into pretty packing and put onto our shelves. The truth is we have over 80,000 chemicals and only a fraction of these have been tested for human safety. The ones that have been tested are tested on grown men.

My children are developing, their minds and bodies and how are these chemicals impacting their development?

I do not know.

You do not know.

Nobody knows.

I’m not an extremist and over the top helicopter mommy, just passionate like many other women and moms out there. I am a mom that is educated with a big heart that cares deeply about her children, just like you.  I know that words like natural, organic extracts, safe and healthy mean nothing on a pretty package. I know that 85% of a child’s brain is developed by the time they are 5 years of age and that over 200 toxic chemicals were found in umbilical cords of babies according to  a study done by the Environmental Working Group, which did not surprise me.  I know that childhood cancer is on the rise, asthma is on the rise in children (my daughter having it at only 18 months) and that we still aren’t sure why there are so many kids with autism. All of this guessing, sickness and children that are obese.

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Are you okay with this? Really? Seriously? Look at yourself in the mirror, do your research and ask yourself are you okay with this?

Saying you are not okay with this does not make you disloyal to a brand you like or that you use.  It does not mean you are a bad mom because you checked the Skin Deep Database and your favorite baby care product has scored a 9! It does mean that you need to do something. It means that you have to call the company and voice your concerns and tell them you love them but they need to make safer products for your child and other children. Europe makes safer products so why can’t we?  Sending back half used products, writing letters, making a phone call, sending an email, posting a tweet, updating your status on Facebook, writing to the editor of the newspaper, posting this video on your blog, not buying the product again until the company makes changes, telling your legislator or just simply calling your best friend is doing SOMETHING.


Please, stop making excuses.

Stop justifying why it is okay to have  1,4-dioxane in our baby care products and listening to companies telling you the government says it is okay. Use your own judgment and think about the witch’s brew of thousands of chemicals with no safety testing allowed to be on a product, sold in a beautiful bottle with fancy marketing words and sold to you for you to use on your body and your children.

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If you stop using the brand that scores high, I won’t tell. Nobody has to know but you. Nobody has to know unless you want them to but the more people you tell, the more people you inform, the better off our children and the future generations will be.

This I know.


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