5 years ago I went through leadership training with my local chamber and we had to create a drawing of our future. The type of drawing that had bridges, road blocks, and white picket fences and should depict dreams and challenges. At that time I was newly married, teaching preschool and could not get pregnant due to fertility issues. It was an emotional drawing because I had little children pictured and I did not know if what I was drawing could come true for me.

It did, thank goodness.

At that time I also said I wanted to write a children’s book but of course I had no idea what this meant or how would it come to happen. It was one of those things I thought I would say and have bounce around in the Universe and maybe come back to me like a boomerang! Which is the funny thing about life, sometimes you don’t know how something will happen but when it is right, it happens.

I can’t say things happen without work though. Which is what I’ve done, I’ve worked very hard at taking my blog and creating connections, good content and finding new ways to monetize my online presence and property. This perseverance of building a blog that is my platform or bridge for other entrepreneurial opportunities led me to my children’s book.

I could not draw these 5 years ago because I was not sure what it would look like. Yet I had this blurry vision in my head and overtime it started to make sense and suddenly there were straight lines, colors and I figured out that the boomerang did come back to me! I just had to believe in myself.

Photo Credit: Velveteen Mind

I  am a  mommy blogger and though that term has been kicked around in a good and bad way with lots of misconceptions, it’s exactly what I am. I’m not ashamed to have the word mom in front of what I do and I don’t think it defines me in a negative way. In fact, as a mommy blogger, I hear my kids say the cutest things about what I do. Over time I’ve found myself explaining my work to them in simple but fun ways. I wanted to share this with other online moms but to also show how proud our children are of us digital moms and how we as a community should be proud to tell our children what we do. Which is why I wrote a book called, My Mommy is a Blogger.

The book is available for pre-order at a very interesting point in time – a time where I head to Blissdom 2011 to talk about advance monetization of a blog. I’m excited to be on a panel with amazing mom bloggers that will talk about making your own opportunities for advanced monetization and using your blog as a spring board. From consulting fees, contracts, publishing books like mine, writing an eBook, brand ambassadors and spokesperson roles. We’ll cover it all and yes, we’ll talk ball park numbers and be real with you!

So please pre-order an autographed copy of My Mommy is a Blogger and share with the world and your children a piece of history – a time where us digital moms are rocking it!

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