pregnancyPregnancy and nausea go hand in hand for most women but the cause of the nausea isn’t always due to the pregnancy it’s self.  I had my daughter 1 ½ years ago and had the “perfect” pregnancy (if there is such a thing).  I only gained the recommended 30lbs; I never got hemorrhoids, swollen ankles, stretch marks, or morning sickness.  I didn’t get morning sickness but I did feel sick.  The reason behind my nausea was the prenatal vitamins.  I almost gave up on taking my vitamins because they made me feel so sick.  According to 80% of women ignore important nutritional advice and 61% don’t take their daily vitamin because it makes them nauseous. offers a prenatal vitamin that is guaranteed not to make you nauseous; you even get your money back if it doesn’t work. 

The vitamins were designed by a registered dietician, Deborah Klein.  Deborah was named “Young Dietitian of the year” by the American Dietetics Association and conducts an impressive list of seminars on nutrition and wellness.  I know that even with the “perfect pregnancy” you can still feel miserable, so why not try and reduce those symptoms if possible.  I thought I would share this information with others because it’s imperative to the fetus that mothers take their vitamins. Taking your vitamins can reduce the chance of having a baby with serious birth defects.  Every mother wants to protect their child and this is a good way to start. Maybe with this nausea free vitamin that 61% of women that don’t take their vitamins will be reduced. To order these nausea free vitamins or to learn more go to Let me know if they work for you or if you have other recommendations.

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