Only 20 more minutes before the children wake and I pack lunches, make breakfast and get them off to school. A whirl wind morning of last minute packing, quick shower and shaving of my white pasty legs and oh, email, Twitter, Facebook, newsletter for work, order promotional supplies for work, find husbands shorts he cannot find (in his dresser drawer but he claims he looked) and maybe a sip of coffee or two! With as busy as life gets sometimes I’m glad we all eat dinner together at night because lord knows breakfast together just cannot happen, mornings are too busy!

After a four hour drive to the airport and a quick flight out to NYC from Detroit I’ll be at BlogHer 2010 and I cannot wait. Last year I spent hours packing and unpacking trying to decide what to wear and though I vowed I would not do this again, I did. I should have gone and found a bigger suitcase but then again, I am who I am so hopefully I’ll be loved regardless of my shoes or dress – maybe? Power cords packed, new Green Smart backpack full and meals cooked and organized for the next few days so the family is at least fed! I’m hoping the fortune teller at Saturday’s Green Affair will tell me the children in the future eat all of their veggies and begin to dislike junk food (fingers crossed). Oh, the life of a full-time working mom plus blogger and business owner who guess what scored an interview in NYC for the mom blogger reality show. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted!

I have to give a big shout out to eBay Classifieds before I hit publish because they’re really helping to make this trippossible. I’m so impressed with their security, free posting features and um, greenness of reusing and giving back as a company that of course I think you should check out it out, find your next pet, doll house or couch and then clean out your closets, garage and get posting. After I come back from BlogHer 2010 I’m thinking I’ll have to make room for some new stuff and will start posting more items on eBay Classifieds! I’ll be having dinner with the ambassadors and eBay team on Friday so if you have suggestions or comments on how much you love something, let me know!

P.S. If you’re wondering about blogger and corporate sponsorship check out my feelings on this over at 3 Green Angels!

P.P.S. Looking forward to seeing…

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