No I’m not going on vacation with eBay – literally {I wish}! Instead I’ve been preparing for our family vacation and a business trip with the help of eBay.  Instead of rushing to the store at the last minute and paying full price for new items and then trying to figure out how to pay for these items I’ve planned ahead.

If you know months in advance you’ll be heading on a vacation or business trip and you need new shoes, bathing suites, etc. here is how you can use eBay to help make the trip more affordable:

  1.  Clean House. Go through the house and figure out what you can sell that you do not need or want anymore, what you don’t fit into anymore and then open an account with eBay and start selling. Here is a quick getting started guide that will make your life easier if you are new to eBay.
  2. Create a Budget. How much money can you afford to spend to prepare for the trip? If you know how much money you can spend you’re more likely to not go over board and who wants to start a vacation or trip off with debt?
  3. Make a List. What do you need to pack for each family member? How many outfits? The number of shirts, shorts, pants, sweaters, etc.
  4. Take Inventory. What does each family member already have? What does each family member really NEED? If the trip is for 10 days and you have 3 pairs of shorts that fit little Jimmy – you might have to go shopping!
  5. LOTS. Buy in LOTS and you’ll get more for your bang {hint sell that way too and items will go faster}! For example, if your son is a size 7 and he needs shorts you can search: boys size 7 LOTS of shorts. This will give you multiple pairs of shorts for one price and make the shopping faster. Even just searching something general such as: Girls 5T Summer Clothing
  6. High End. Name Brand. LOWER Price.  If there is a particular brand of dress, swim suit or another item for you definitely hit eBay first! You might score last year’s version of the swimwear but if you search for it and only choose to buy new you’ll score a much better deal! That’s how I scored my suit and I’m happy as a clam and so is my wallet.

First hand I can tell you this has worked for me. I made over $800 selling on eBay and it’s afforded me some free money to load my daughter up with many swim suits, dresses and adorable things for our trip and for the summer.  So think eBay when you’re planning for your next trip and start selling, buying and saving!

Disclaimer: I am an eBay parent ambassador. These are my own thoughts, opinions and experiences.

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