Sick Child cold and flu season

It’s that time of year that the sniffles and sneezes begin and I become a little obsessive compulsive….

“Don’t put that in your mouth!”

“Did you wash your hands?”

These are things my children hear a million time per day but so far they haven’t gotten sick (knock on wood). I get reports from the school now on the absentee rate going from 2% to 12% in one day and now I say to my son…

“How many children were out of school today?”

Instead of how was your day my focus has become the number of children missing from school and whether or not the school will shut down as several in our area are closing for the week. Today, my son reported six children were out sick and that means I’m getting nervous that we’re next.

Wait, didn’t I write about this evoking fear into our children? Yup, I think that the news reports, the constant talk of the flu, events and Halloween festivities being cancelled they’re scaring our children – making them paranoid. It’s making me paranoid and just as I type this my son came running to me…

“Mom, I took off my shirt and part of my neck is hurting. Can you look in my throat?”

I kid you not! So what can this mom do? What can any mother do? I’m not sure about the immunization and what is right or wrong or what is best for any family besides my own; which I’m frankly doubting myself depending on what I read and who I speak with. I’m even more freaked out if I get sick and have to figure out how to not get my entire family sick.

I know that I’ve stocked up on some cold and flu medicines that I’m comfortable giving my children with the hopes I won’t need to use anything this season but doubtful that will be the case. When the good people from Borion® sent me their homeopathic samples to add to my collection I was signing halleluiah! I’ve tried a few of their products in the past and have been pleased with the results and the ease in which my children take the small little pellets.

Like most homeopathic medicines I suggest checking with your doctor but the company claims that they are safe, with no side effects and that they’re relieve symptoms. For the cold and flu season Borion® sent me:


Oscillococcinum® which is for those body aches, fear and chills that’s most commonly associated with the flu. The pellets dissolve quickly and the company claims they are save for children 2 years and older.

Coldcalm® for children 3 years and up to help with the runny nose, sneezing and sore throat. These come in the dissolving pellets which my children love to take because they seem magical when they dissolve.

Chestal® Honey to loosen chest congestion and relieve cough; ages 2 years and older recommended by the company. This is the one problem I always have in our home is finding a cough medicine that I’m comfortable with and the children don’t throw up or spit out. I haven’t tried this yet but my children love honey so I’m hopeful.

I’m not sure what this cold and flu season will bring but the thermometer is ready, the cold and flu remedies on hand and the fixing for chicken noodle soup is in the cupboard. If you’re on the fence about the H1N1 vaccination, nervous about what is to come for your family then it seems like we’re all in the same boat. I’ve found these articles helpful resources with links, facts, opinions and comforting:

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