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Diane from Big Green Purse is hosting the Green Mom’s Carnival this month. I read Diane’s book and it’s earmarked, highlighted and sticky noted like crazy but never in a million years did I think I would meet her. I had the honor and privilege while having dinner for the documentary in Washington D.C. Diane is one of those women that awe me. Her passion, knowledge, and her fortitude to do the right thing, stand up for causes and inform others…it oozes out of her when you meet and talk to her. It’s fitting the carnival topic hosted by Diane is, What advice or recommendations do you have for the Obama Administration that will help the President, Cabinet officials and agency heads adopt a “prevention” ethic? To take it one step further Diane has created a group called prevention agenda for everyone and anyone to discuss what they want to have happen and with Obama being such an “internet” president…maybe he’ll join the group or at least learn from it and who knows, read this post? Here’s hoping….

Green and Clean Mom’s Letter to President Obama on the Kids Safe Chemical Act

Dr. Mr. President,

You have children. I have children. We have that common bond and wanting to keep them safe and healthy is certainly your priority and mine. When your wife was pregnant did you ever test her umbilical cord for toxins after either of your daughters were born? We didn’t for my two children but if we had, we might have been surprised to find that there could have been over 300 industrial chemicals that were pre-polluting our babies in their safe wombs. Really who would think that a child is not safe inside their mother’s womb? Not me. Have you ever seen the video, Contaminated without Consent?

It’s overwhelming to think of your responsibilities and mine but our children and their health and safety has to be a top priority. Terrorism, homeland security, the environment, they’re a priority too BUT toxic substances really are little terrorists hurting our children and we don’t know too much about them or what they could do long term.

Mr. President, did you know that in 1976 a toxic substance control act was amended and it hasn’t been touched since. According the the Environmental Working Group, it is “regarded as the weakest of all major environmental laws on the books.” Supposedly it declared 62,000 chemicals on the market safe but there was little or no data to support this and that was back in 1976. Guess how many new chemicals are on the market? 20,000 and there is again, no data to support how safe they are when sprayed near our children, worn on their skin, put on their clothes, used to make their cups and plates or toys.

Babies are pre-polluted in their safe womb and a mother is trying to do everything right. The Environmental Working Group has identified over 450 known toxins to be found in humans and their impact or safety is not known because of this outdated law. The rate of childhood cancer, behavior disorders and birth defects…it is scary. My daughter and son seem healthy but how will these 80,000 chemicals affect their long-term health? How will it affect your daughter’s longer-term health? My daughter has weak lungs and severe asthma and now 1 in 13 children have asthma. Breathing a concoction of chemicals with no known safety level is scary but imagine compromised lungs?

Mr. President, there’s a lot on your plate and everyone one wants you to fix this or that. I wouldn’t want your job but I voted for you to do your job well. I would like you to add the Kid Safe Chemical Act to your agenda. Not just for your children but for all the children who deserve to be protected from chemicals. We cannot see or smell all that affects us but they are a safety and health threat and with the Kid Safe Chemical Act the chemicals already on the market that have never been tested will have to be tested or won’t be allowed on our shelves for sale. Chemicals won’t even be allowed on the market until they are tested for safety…meaning there won’t be another BPA scare because with this act chemicals have to be tested for child safety. Mr. President, help keep our children safer and add this to your action agenda, please. The

Latest Major Action: 5/21/2008 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Environment and Hazardous Materials. Let’s move this along and quickly!

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