Being busy means staying organized (in my own chaotic way) if I don’t want the “ball to drop”! For me, I rely on my Google calendar that is in sync with my phone. Everything gets plugged into this calendar and is color coded to keep track of my day to day activities. I mean everything from the kids snack days, field trips, work deadlines, editorial schedules, etc. I then get a reminder each morning emailed to me so I know what my day is going to look like and from there I prioritize.

When Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch asked to interview me for their new book, Pretty Neat, I was confused because I never really consider myself organized to the degree of perfection to be considered for a book on organization! Except this isn’t your typical book on organizing because the neat rows of baskets and labeled items need not apply! After the interview I realized I do a lot of stuff and somehow keep it all sorted in my own chaotic way to balance and juggle it all but that doesn’t necessarily mean I do it “perfect”. Meaning I have laundry not put away, dishes that need to be cleaned and um, a cluttered counter! Yet, I’m still organized! You can read the full interview on page 20 and 21 of their new book, which aside from my little interview is simply amazing and here is why…

*It is witty and fun calling the magazine form of organization and television images “orgporn”! Something that is airbrushed, not realistic and stimulates the mind but that is about it! It just creates false fantasies and wishes for this picture perfect entry way where the coats make it to the hooks and the kid use the baskets! I wish!

*There are practical tips from every day people juggling life and work. Tips that might help you find a new way to get organized and save time without losing your mind!

*Bye-Bye mommy guilt! This book wont’ make you feel like you need to go clean out that junk drawer or you are a failure. Nah, instead you’ll feel like you have a plan of action to make that happen and realize it can wait – it will be there tomorrow for you to clean and organize when it is a priority.

*The ideas for getting organizing and saving time cover everything from grocery shopping, meal preparation to tax time or the dreaded email inbox!

Pretty Neat, is something we all strive to be but it doesn’t imply perfection or guilt! Many people I know put so much pressure on themselves to be picture perfect when in fact it is their own standards, not others. My house is lived in, normal and has toys not put away or a pillow and blanket out of place. That’s okay with me, how about you?

Now if only I could have this “Just Say No Rule”…

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