Little kids put everything into their mouths. I know this first hand as a mother, past early childhood teacher and my years working in childcare – especially the infant and toddler rooms. I have this terrible memory that will haunt me forever of a child I was caring for putting a quarter into his mouth and accidentally swallowing it – it could have been any small and circular object.

He turned blue.Rayovac_CoinCell_Infographic

He looked at me his eyes wide and grabbed his throat – mouthing help me!

I knew immediately and of course panicked but then I was thrust into babysitter action. (As a teen I read every single Babysitter Club book in the series.)

Luckily, I knew the Heimlich maneuver on a conscious child but it was scary. Recently, I was changing batteries in our small DVD remote –a lithium coin battery and it brought back this scary memory. A small size, like a quarter that could easily be put into the mouth of a little one and accidentally swallowed!

I’m happy to say I’m affiliated with the Rayovac Company that’s putting its efforts into new battery packaging to make child-safety a top priority because the research shows that over 500 cases of coin-cell batteries are consumed by children each year. Scary! It’s true and if a child accidentally takes the back of the remote cover off they could consume that small little coin like battery. It can happen in just minutes and think…does your toddler love that remote? I bet they do – mine did!

Rayovac is dedicated to this awareness and continues to educate others by changing the packaging of its specialty batteries. Packaging is certainly important and might make those batteries harder to reach but it’s worth it if we can prevent a child from choking.  The education of parents and caretakers is of utmost importance so please visit, to learn more about lithium coin cell safety.

I hope nobody has to have my memory of a choking child (luckily alive and brilliant today) and especially over a small coined like battery.

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post as part of the Rayovac ambassador program and I am compensated for my time. This is my true story and opinion and I use Rayovac batteries and believe in child safety awareness.


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