Earth day is on the horizon {Sunday, April 22, 2012} and if you’re part of a church group, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts or another community organization there might be some buzz about planning an Earth day event. Many cities and towns offer activities, celebrations and together clean up parks, plant trees and offer tours of local recycling facilities. The possibilities are endless but the funding to host an event, promote the event and make something “big” happen is usually lacking.

Earth Day Funding Solution

If you’re a blogger or you know a blogger {just start asking those involved in your local charities and organizations – you’ll be surprised} Kalso shoes is giving away 3 prizes of $1,000 to blogger for an Earth Day project!

Not to just green bloggers, or “A” list bloggers or bloggers who have been blogging for “x” number of years with this number of followers, posts, Klout or ranking.  You just have to have an active blog meaning you post more than once a month or year!

Halogen Light Bulb Moment

So put on your thinking cap and make those light bulb moments happen! What could your local club, organization, Cub Scout troop or school do with $1,000 for Earth Day 2012? How could you make a difference in your local community?

If you need some inspiration just hop on line, start brainstorming, ask your kids and look around your neighborhood for some inspiration. Does something need to be fixed, cleaned, trimmed, planted, etc.? Check out Tip Junkie for some inspiration or Arbor Day Foundation and then enter here! Don’t delay because the entry deadline is March 15, 2012!

Trust me, I’m entering and cannot wait to reveal my Earth Day 2012 project!

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