I attended BlogHer 2010, sponsored by eBay Classifieds. I am an eBay Classifieds Ambassador and you can read my full disclosure to learn more about with whom I am affiliated.

eBay Classifieds asked very little of me other than to have dinner with eBay Classifieds representatives, wear eBay Classifieds t-shirt and provide it with some feedback. In exchange for my flight, hotel, food, conference pass and transportation, I feel this was more than fair. When a company provides an ambassador with a professional development opportunity to further her growth in a field, it benefits the company and brand.

When bloggers are sponsored, what do they provide the company? How will the company know whether it is worth continuing this type of investment? What does the company get out of it and why should it continue? I am a professional and I want the company to see me as a professional and know that it was worth sponsoring me, personally. I recently wrote about what bloggers can do when they receive a sponsorship and what they should know. To provide others with an example here is my report, sent on to eBay Classifieds to prove I am worth its money and the sponsorship.

Were you sponsored this year for BlogHer 2010 or for other conferences? What do you provide companies and brands to prove you are worth it?

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