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10 pull ups three times among other strenuous exercise activities were recently part of a CrossFit warm up. I laughed to myself because I have never, ever, ever been able to do a pull up. EVER. I hold onto the bar and watch in amazement as the others master this exercise. I just watch because trying would be embarrassing but of course I’ve been spotted and someone comes to help me learn. Oh, my.

I’ve come to understand that for beginners like myself upper body strength will be an issue for a while as will my grip endurance. I bought those fancy gloves everyone wears at the gym but they’re not really lifting my sternum above the bar! I wanted to “fit in” and you know look good. Stupid I know but everyone has them!

After watching and practicing with both a box and a resistance band to give me a hand {I’m weak I know} I realized maybe I should practice at home. Again, I went to YouTube to find a video that demonstrates how to do a pull up as a beginner. Even though everyone is really nice at CrossFit I feel silly and want to train at home to improve. I also found a great online article in Women’s Health Magazine for 3 pull ups for women but frankly I’m just aspiring to this right now.

The following two videos helped me better understand how I could do a doorway pull up with the assistance of a chair. I figure I can find one doorway in our home to use and a sturdy chair to begin practicing. Oh yes, I need to have a bar installed and when I ask my husband I can only imagine his reaction!

I’m not a fitness expert so I certainly cannot tell you how to do any exercise. I hope sharing with you resources, tips, ideas and what’s helping me to improve might help you. Especially if you’re a beginner like myself.

Can you do a pull up?

P.S. I survived last week’s run in with the burpees but I could only do half the workout and a modified version. I’m okay with this because I can feel myself getting better and stronger.

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