Pumpkin Recipes from Around the Web

I love pumpkin. Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! In fact, when others say they don’t like pumpkin everything…I’m thinking they were born with fewer quality taste buds and deprived. Yes, deprived.

You see, pumpkin smells good. It tastes good and it is good for you. It’s like someone telling me that sunshine doesn’t feel good on their face.

I’m like, huh? Are you a vampire?

There are sites dedicated to dissing pumpkin. Blog posts trashing us pumpkin lovers but really, I feel sorry for these people. They’re missing out. I won’t link to these sites or blog posts. No Google juice from me.

Instead, I want to share my love for pumpkin and all its goodness with you. I’ve shared so many posts in the past; you’ll have them all in one pumpkin good place.

Get it? Ha! Ha!

Pumpkin Recipes to Die For #autumn #pumpkin #recipes

Let’s get our pumpkin on and start baking, cooking and making some puree!

A few of my favorite pumpkin recipes from other sites that are well worth checking out!

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Do you have a pumpkin recipe to share? I’d love to try it out! Leave the link or recipe below in the comment section! Be sure to check out my Autumn Splendor Pinterest board for other great fall ideas and recipes.

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