Happy Halloween! I wrote this post a few days ago in preparation to fly off to  Universal Studios with my family. BUT then hurricane Sandy hit and our flight from Detroit to Orlando that was set to connect in Washington via South West was cancelled. At first I was devastated, how I would explain this to my children? Would we be able to reschedule because it was a trip we had won? Selfishly I was looking forward to the days off work and the rest and fun with my family.

And then the status updates from my Facebook friends suffering the true wrath of hurricane Sandy, the ones without power or heat. The ones with flooded yards, trees down and vehicles destroyed. The friends whose children wouldn’t be trick or treating and had to be explained to why there was no longer a street, a beach or building, let alone why their neighbors no longer had a home. The children that slept on air mattresses or shelters huddled next to their parents scared of the howling winds and smashing rain pellets hitting the windows.

Yes, my trip cancellation sucks but I’m safe. I have electricity, heat, a roof over my head and my children will still get to trick or treat. Life isn’t so bad in comparison to what others are going through right now.  It’s just about putting it all into perspective.

Luckily, South West Airlines and Universal Studios Orlando recognize that we had no control over a national disaster and their customer service has been impeccable and very, very understanding!

I digress, even though I intended to write this post saying we’re off to have fun at Universal Studios in Orlando, we’re not but we’re still going to have fun today and be silly with one another. We’re going to enjoy Halloween, laugh, giggle, get dressed up and be thankful that we have each other because that is what really matters.

Wherever you are today reading this post say a prayer for those suffering from hurricane Sandy and appreciate your loved ones, your safety and well being and enjoy your Halloween, if possible.  Try to be silly and have fun with your kids and put it all into perspective, I know I am.



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