The dangers of PVC and the toxic dioxins that are off-gassed; it’s scary. As parents we want to know we’re putting our children in safe clothing, having them play with safe toys and eat off safe tableware, however, according to our government most of what has NOT been tested for safety is indeed considered safe by our government or just ignored. That saying “Ignorance is Bliss” comes to mind as I write this post and think of how PVC is allowed to be used to make toys and children’s raincoats or various other items; it is still legal.  Puzzling and frustrating but luckily we are a nation where there is freedom of voice and choice and with knowledge we gain power as parents. Which excites me when I see local small town action begin to take place and local legislators such as my own, Representative Gary McDowell who was instrumental in the legislation and Senator Jason Allen, who is being asked to vote in favor of bills such as The Children’s Safe Products Act (HB 4763-69); which:

“…requires manufacturers and importers who use the small subset of chemicals known to be highly hazardous and present in children (“chemicals of highest concern”) to publicly disclose (in 2012) which of these chemicals they use in children’s products sold in Michigan. Parents and other consumers would have easy access to this information from the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Most locally do not know that I personally have a stance on this issue seeing that my website is national but I mentioned a recent introduction to a young man who is active in this advocating locally and will be hosting a press conference inTraverse City on Thursday to discuss this very issue and happy to support small toy makers and stores.

This legislation will help responsible toy businesses in Michigan,” said Susan Kelke, Owner of Root & Sprout in Birmingham, Michigan. “Since Michigan’s toy manufacturers are almost exclusively small, the main impact on Michigan businesses like my own would be to have access to more information from toy importers. This legislation should help encourage Michigan-manufactured products, which tend to have fewer chemicals of highest concern compared to imports.”

Luckily, I’m fortunate to be connected with some fabulous companies that are leading the way in providing safe toys and products for our children. Such as Puddlegear, that specializes as the website says:

“…toddler and baby raingear- children can play outside feeling warm, unrestricted and dry in their PVC and Phthalate free rainwear – certified by oko – tex to be free of over 100 harmful chemicals.”

100_5027With this cold and fall or spring like weather we have been having my children have seen some rainy and chilly day’s verses the hot summertime beach days. The other morning my son was just itching to get outside and ride his bike. We can barely keep him off this bike and bright and early the bright red abeko all weather “Benny”raincoat was on and he was out the door! A sight to see so early in the morning and besides being protected from harmful chemicals the rain was soaking the flowers and not his precious head! I can tell you from experience the jacket is well worn, comfortable and it is flexible verses stiff and cheap like many other raincoats that are made of PVC and other harmful chemicals. Besides being of great quality and keeping my son dry I know that I’m supporting a company that is providing safe products to families and doing right by the environment. Thank you Puddlegear!


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