You know what I can’t stand? When I replace the batteries in my wireless mouse and a week later, the thing stops working. I think to myself, that’s not possible, I just replaced the batteries. Then I get upset that I’ll have to buy a new mouse, sync it to my computer and the fact of the matter is I like my wireless mouse. I don’t want a new one.

THEN I remember I used the batteries I scolded my husband for buying “on sale”. Some off brand that is made who knows where! The batteries that I said would not last and were cheap for a reason. I’m always right (okay, most of the time) and I was right again! You see, when the batteries go dead after just a few days or even hours, that’s a waste of money and though we recycle, I think most people toss them and they end up in the landfill. No. No. No. And, if I’m always searching for batteries, replacing batteries and not typing, I’m not making money. Which is bad and frankly, frustrating. Luckily, this doesn’t happen often because our batteries are organized but when those sneaky off brands make it into my battery drawers, I’m in trouble!

For a Productive Work Day Use Rayovac Fusion Batteries- They Last 35 Longer Than Energizer Max #ad

Fortunately, in the midst of writing another great article for Mother Earth News, I realized that I had the new Rayovac Fusion batteries. Life saver! They’re made in the USA, I trust and know the brand and they last 35% longer than Energizer Max. Meaning, I write, tweet, Facebook and Pinterest more without stopping to change the batteries in my beloved mouse and/or keyboard. I can be more productive!

#Fusion Twitter Party During the Oscars #Win #Ad

OH, speaking of tweeting! Join me and Rayovac on Sunday during the Oscars from 7:30PM CST-8:30PM CST and use the hashtag #fusion. You could win some Oscar gift bags that include the kick butt Fusion batteries and Walmart gift cards! Here, I’ve created the tweet for you, just copy and paste:

Hi @greenmom+@Rayovac I’m watching the Oscars tonight too! I love the new power of the #Fusion batteries + they are made in the #USA

Alright folks, I’ll see you online Sunday tweeting about the Oscars and thankful my mouse and keyboard and all powered up! And don’t forget, consider the batteries you buy and where they’re made, their warranty and what a pain it is to always have to change batteries that don’t last very long.

Disclaimer: I’m a Rayovac blogger and I have a professional relationship with the brand. I am compensated for my time but my opinions are my own. I love the Rayovac rechargeable batteries so be sure to check them out too!


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