The leaves are changing, the nights are getting colder and the days are getting shorter, which means…’s back in session.  With school starting back up many parents and kids alike are adjusting to their new schedule; which can lead to sleepy and rushed morning and evenings.  My daughter is back in pre-school this year and has started soccer, AWANA and soon to be dance class. We love getting our daughter involved in extracurricular activities but we don’t want it to compromise her health or eating habits.  Being a parent and juggling everything can be a huge struggle so that’s why I put together a post on healthy snacks/lunch options for a busy family.

Some of my personal favorites:

  • Cut up veggies dipped in Greek yogurt mixed with a ranch dry packet (not the entire packet, just to taste).
  • Cut up apples with peanut butter
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt mixed with a dry packet of flavored oatmeal and fruit (layer for looks)
  • Cottage cheese with cut up tomatoes
  • Veggies dipped in cottage cheese
  • Rice cakes with peanut butter and cut up bananas
  • Frozen Grapes
  • Chips and homemade salsa
  • Hummus dipped in Pita
  • Fruit Salad
  • Veggies dipped in laughing cow cheese
  • Ants on a log (peanut butter and raisins on celery)

I am fortunate that my daughter will eat anything but some parents aren’t so lucky.  I have been told that presentation is a key for picky eaters. If you can make the snack/meal healthy yet fun most kids will eat it. Let the kids get involved in making their snack, jazz it up to look like a smiley face, bug or object if possible. Another great option is picking a fancy plate or bowl for them that’s special or try something creative live a cupcake tin. Letting the kids eat on a blanket or towel on the floor or porch and play picnic always works for me too.  

Below are a few great links I found that offer healthy snack/lunch ideas as well as tips on offering variety to your child’s pallet. If you have a toddler there is a chart that offers the proper caloric intake for your child and their exercise level.

Six Sisters Stuff

Simple Kids

Nutritious Seats

Remember, stay healthy and have fun!


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