Consumable paper products – sometimes you just have to use them. Toilet paper is one example that I’m just going to buy and use. Paper towels, I’ve weaned my family off of these but at work we use paper towels sparingly. When White Cloud approached me about their 100% post consumable toilet paper and paper towels – I was interested in learning more. I’m always interested in finding new ways to green my life style and share the journey with my readers. A journey I’ll be taking with White Cloud over the next six months to learn more about greening my paper products!

A Challenge

A package arrived from White Cloud with two rolls of paper towel labeled A (pictured on the left) and B (pictured on the right). I had no idea which roll was from White Cloud! To make this challenge more fun I decided to bring the rolls into the office with me and see if my co-workers could help me make an educated guess. To be super scientific and professional we spilled soda on the desk, held the towels up to the light, raised our eyebrows, scratched our forehead and thought out loud…


“B feels like homemade paper – it has to be recycled.”
“I think the bigger roll has been bleached because it is so white. A cannot be recycled.”
“B is not very absorbent so it has to be made from recycled material.”
“B is seems more sturdy.”
“This is tough.”
“White Cloud is sold at Walmart?”
“Roll B is smaller; it is probably more money so it has to be eco-friendly.”

After using BIG words, feeling important and really having no idea four out of four people all decided that the smaller roll of paper towel labeled B was made from recycled paper towel. We’re smart so we should for sure be able to figure out this simple challenge – who can fool us???

Just the Beginning

Myself and 4 other bloggers including, Alicia from Get Buttoned Up, Miranda from Keeper of the Cherrios,  Alyssa from Kingdom First Mom, and Briana from Bargain Briana will be working on a series of projects together for White Cloud. You’ll find us trying out some of the eco-friendly White Cloud products, tweeting, blogging over at the White Cloud website, hanging out at their Facebook Fan page, meeting up at Blissdom and leaving the country to meet with the White Cloud executives in April. Stay tuned for coupons, contests and to learn whether my office co-workers were correct about which roll of paper towel was made from recycled content!!!

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