My family, like most families with children use a lot of batteries. I’ve shared with you before how we use Rayovac batteries, not only because I’ve partnered with them but because we’ve been using them for years. It’s exciting to Rayovac_2_Hour_Powerwork with brands that you recommend and buy on a regular basis; it makes for the ideal blog and brand partnership. It’s also exciting when you get word that a brand you love and are working with wins an award, which Rayovac has done for their groundbreaking 2-Hour Power portable charging device.


G_RaovacCESDesginationAs a blogger and mom on the go, having my phone and devices charged is a must but like all busy moms I’ve had a dead phone or two in my days. Not anymore! Especially with the dangerous winter roads, I want to make sure I can have my phone charged quickly if needed. Rayovac will be honored for outstanding product design and innovation and CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada in January – I wish I could be there personally to give them a round of applause and see them showcase their brand new line of portable chargers. Not that they don’t have a spectacular line already!

Hint:  If you’re a tech. junkie like me you’ll get a kick out of knowing they have a 7-Hour Power that uses RECHARGABLE batteries! SCORE for us GREENIES!

I’ll be following Rayovac online at CES 2014 so I can see what they reveal and what-is-what! I hope you join me at following them on Facebook and Twitter for the big reveals and of course, Rayovac_15-Minute_Battery_Chargersay congratulations too! Check out the official press release with all the details here and here. Don’t forget to also check out my Rayovac reviews because I tell it like it is and I love the products I’ve tried!

“Rayovac has addressed all of the inconveniences associated with the use of traditional rechargeable batteries with the launch of the Rayovac 15-Minute Battery Charger. The IC3 rechargeable system can hold up to four batteries per use and charges both AA and AAA batteries. Batteries are fully charged in 15 minutes flat – the fastest charger on the market. The Rayovac 15- Minute Battery Charger was designed with the consumer in mind.”

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