This last weekend it was Cub Scout camp – which means 3 nights and 4 days with no boys. Yup, my husband and son were off to camp and were roughing it and enjoying the outdoors. Needless to say, they were mildly excited! Me too because as I was packing them up to say goodbye my son told me our flash light broke and then FedEx arrived and Rayovac delivered two virtually indestructible LED flashlights, a small for my son and big one for my husband. Love it because there was no time to go to the store before sending them off but the boys each needed a light and one that could withstand being dropped a million times because I’m sure that’s how the last one broke.

Before I share with you me trying to break (Yes, I tried to actually break the flashlight.) the virtually Indestructible LED flashlight I want to share with you a few features these two flashlights offer because at first glance you might think $30 for a flashlight is too pricey. I disagree because I’ve bought cheap ones and they break over-and-over! Alright so here’s the scoop:

  • They’ve been tested to with stand a 30 foot drop. So your kid can drop the flashlight from the top bunk and it’ll survive. Oh did I mention its water proof too? Yup, little Suzie can drop it in the toilet and that’s okay.
  • There’s a lifetime guarantee so if you child drops it from the bunk and it breaks, you’ll get a new one. Score! Worth the $30 right there!
  • The smaller camo flashlight has a running time of 5 hours or 40 hours using the energy saver feature. The larger flashlight has a 15 hour running time or 35 hours using the energy feature. That’s high performance because I can’t stand constantly changing the batteries!

Have I convinced you yet? Seriously, worth every penny and then some but here I’ll further prove it to you by personally trying to break the flashlight and you’ll see I can’t break it and it still works.

  • I dropped it in the hot tub with the jets on. Still works.
  • My husband ran it over with his diesel truck. Still works.
  • My son dropped it off the back deck (18 feet up) and it landed on the cement patio and hit the deck on the way down. Still works.

Here, I prove it live in our video review (the entire family):

The boys had it survive Cub Scout camp and it lived up to our testing of trying to break it. I’d say, this is a worth every penny because I won’t have to buy a new flashlight after each camping trip, accidental drop or if the kids run it over for some odd reason!  Yay!

I’m glad the boys are home from camp now, happy they had a trusty light with them and fortunate I’m a Rayovac ambassador and I get to share these great products with you!

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