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I work from home. I have worked full-time from home for 3 years now and before that part-time or when my meetings and travel permitted me to work from home. This comes with many comments from friends telling me how they envy me, I’m so lucky and boy do they wish they could work from home.

I agree, I’m lucky but this is not for every person. Even though research shows that people are more productive if they work from home, I still believe based on experience this is not for each person.To work from home you have to be dedicated and self-motivated.This means that your favorite television shows can’t be played during the day or run on DVR – just because you are home. Oh, if you want to do that fine….it will show in your work and your performance and then you’ll have no job. Go for it.

Sure I wear yoga pants most days. Hooded sweatshirts and warm cozy socks are a yes and during the summer I might sit on the deck and soak in some rays. Yet I’m working. My office is my laptop, my mobile device and of course wireless internet. I took my son’s enrichment day snack in after his teacher learned I teach 3rd grade and she looked at me odd. Yes, I had a baseball cap on, yoga pants and no make-up…yet. I wasn’t due to teach a live class until 1pm and my lunch hour was to include a shower and make-up for the camera. I ended up looking like this:

Mrs. Poquette cheering #k12 #teaching

You see, I’ve always been self-motivated. I’ve been a go-getter and I’m fine not having an office structure. In fact, when I traveled back and forth to California to work I would have to be waxed, manicured and spend hours on my wardrobe and making sure my hair looked okay. That is not me or at least not me all the time!  I’d rather spend my hours and energy towards my creative efforts. Don’t get me wrong, I like my nails and toes looking nice and my make-up and wardrobe being stylish. Bottom line there is way more to me then how I dress and what my hair style, shoes or nails reflect. I think this is true for any working woman. Some just love shoes and waxes more than others.

Which is why I like to work from home and even turn down higher paying jobs that do not allow me this flexibility – gasp. I’m A Work-At-Home Reality Check #onlineteaching #k12lucky because of what my husband does for a living I can do this and I know this. {Thanks cutie!}  Like I said, it is not for everyone. It is for me and maybe this will change. I can manage my time and get my work done. I am fine with working until midnight if my kids are sick one day. It is hard, trust me and the juggling makes me wonder if I could swing the circus!  I am cool with not being trendy. I am alright with telling someone on the other line that my kid is home because we’ve had a zillion inches of snow. I am still a competent mother, teacher and professional.

Do I start the dishwasher, pick up a dirty towel and start a load of laundry in-between it all – yes. The luxury of working from home but that also comes with distractions, sick kids, snow days and unexpected visitors, barking dogs, no boundaries for work-time because your office is your home and more. This all means that you have to be able to balance your time, even if you sneak in non-related work activities {duh!}

I’ve learned from working with many other women and men that this is NOT for everyone and I can see why Marissa Mayer, chief executive at Yahoo about working from home made her decision but that doesn’t fit my creative mold and she might want to contact me and others that thrive on this creative work-from-home environment but yes, I get her thinking at the time…kind of, sort of.

If you think working from home means catching up on T.V. and sleeping – you’re not a self-motivated person. It is not for everyone but don’t think for one second that the person working from home isn’t working.  Based on my years of experience I work many, many hours above what I might work at an office because my work is always with me. If you think a work-from-home mom or dad is just watching soap operas…honey you’re so mistaken. Follow me for a day and interview my kids – they’ll tell you the truth!

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