Here’s the scoop, I have a zillion plastic binders on my shelves or in bins from college and past jobs and projects. Every new committee I join, I get a plastic vinyl binder full of documents, examples, missions, visions, strategic plans and the list goes on and on!  I have over 20 of these in just my home alone which is no surprise seeing that each year, over 500 metric tons of toxic PVC ends up in landfills because of these vinyl binders that we have in our homes and offices.

You might ask, “Is there a solution to this problem where we need binders to hold our paper documents but that won’t hurt the environment? “

I would answer, “Yes, yes there is and the solution is ReBinder because they offer a ZERO waste solution using material sources from responsible managed forests and verified FSC! They were recently nominated for Best Office Products in North America! “

You roll your eyes. You scratch your head. You might be wondering what this means to you and whatever FSC is what is the bigger picture for replacing the traditional vinyl binder. I get it. I get it.

20 percent off recycled binders at ReBinder.comHere is what you need to know:

When you replace your traditional binder with ReBinder and I do the same and so does my neighbor and best friend we end up together saving millions of pounds of greenhouse gases, water, trees, BUTs of energy, reducing waste in our landfill and supporting a business that cares about their environmental footprint and yours too!

For the difference between the 20 vinyl binders I have in my home and that I see on the shelves of every office supply store I visit and ReBinder you have to watch this video and visit ReBinder over on Facebook and Twitter!  I’m loving my ReBinder and enjoying showing others the option available to them, the quality of ReBinder and how they offer label options, custom printing, media storage,  pocket folders,  notebooks, name badges for conferences and the list goes on!

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