In the last 3 years I’ve upgrade my phone 3 times. That’s an average of 3 new phones – one each year. I started with a BlackBerry Curve, upgraded to a Droid Incredible and now I’m in a relationship with my Droid Bionic. All with Verizon Wireless, of course! Each phone was reused by family members so I had no waste or need to recycle.

Except what happens to all of those old phones? Are they recycled, sold on eBay, given away or donated? With this being the season of giving and buying it made me do some research and thinking about what you can do with your old phone if you get a new one this holiday season.

According to Earth 911 there are a lot of phones that make it into our landfills each year. Some facts from Earth 911:

Every year, upgrades or damage make 100 million cell phones obsolete.

In 2007, the recycling rate for cell phones was just 10 percent.

The average life span of a cell phone is 18 months.

The average American cell phone user owns three or more cellular phones.

Give your old phone some HOPE

Instead of throwing away your old phone recycle your phone with Verizon Wireless’s Hope Line ®. The nation’s largest cell phone recycling program that provides those affected by domestic abuse a phone to feel safer and reach out for help if it is needed.  Some phones are refurbished and sold to benefit the Hope Line® where millions of dollars of grants were given to domestic abuse shelters around the country. The program has kept 210 tons of electronic waste out of landfills. If a phone cannot be reused it is properly recycled.

According to Verizon Wireless:

“Nearly one in four women, one in nine men, and over 3 million children have been affected by domestic violence. Wireless phones and technology can serve as a vital link to emergency or support services in a time of crisis or as a reliable, safe connection to employers, family and friends as survivors rebuild their lives.”

Do Your Part

Nothing makes me more proud than to be part of a paid service like Verizon that also gives back to those in need. Domestic violence impacts all of us and to know that there is a line of hope out there for those in need to feel safe and call for help makes me feel better. So feel free to upgrade to the Droid Bionic or Droid Razr but don’t just throw that old phone away!

  • If you’ve got an old phone consider taking it to your local Verizon Wireless store.
  • Host a cell phone drive to benefit the HopeLine® program.
  • Mail your phone in postage free.
  • See what is happening in your area and there’s nothing going on, start something! Boy Scout troops, girls scout troops and churches can get involved and make a huge difference!

Disclosure: I am a part of Verizon’s Midwest Moms program.  I was given a Motorola Xoom, Droid Bionic and six months of service in exchange for sharing my journey with all of you. All opinions expressed are my own.


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