If you’re looking for something contemporary, something sexy, sassy, and green to light up your life, I have the solution for you! Swank Lighting has what you are looking for and I tell you, I’m in love. It’s hot, classy and like no other lamp out there. You’ll have a timeless piece in your home that you know is made in the USA, embraces style, design and the environment.

I’ve just recently set up a setting area in my country style kitchen to cozy up the large room. I can imagine one of these lovely lights in the middle of my two reused chairs, handed down from my mother-in-law. I get the best of worlds, beauty and eco friendly. Designed by the very talented Austin artist, Wade Warnken of 100% recycled glass. Let me repeat this, 100% recycled glass turned into art and practicality. Love it!

The Swank Designed lamps stand 25 inches tall to the very top of the double cluster sockets. Depending on the drop shade that is chosen you can add another 6 to 8 inches. Perfect for my stand and kitchen and again, earth friendly. Actually, I really would love one in my living room! Where could you put one? Don’t limit yourself but enjoy imagining the eco art and then make it a reality buy yourself a piece of art that is green and practical. You have to light up your life somehow, why not do it beautifully and with style?

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  1. Thanks G&CM for posting about our recycled glass lamps. The real magic begins when these lights are turned on. The double cluster sockets directed downward to the glass clusters create an incredible sight at night. It’s really magical.


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