Over and over you hear about how important recycling is and how it is the easiest thing that you can do to help the environment. It should be easy but in all communities that just isn’t the case. Some cities do not have recycling and those that want to recycle have to drive more than one hour to a near by recycling facility. My grandmother, for example, is one person that has to drive 30 minutes one way to recycle because it is not offered by her township, city or county. Reducing or reusing is how she conquers this challenge but if she could only recycle her waste would be slim to none!

 I’m lucky because my county has an amazing recycling program that just upgraded! Luckily I can recycle just about everything (minus a few items), I have curb side pick up and a simple sort process where my items are only required to be sorted into two different bins for pick up. The state of the art design uses shakers, magnets, machines sorting bins and people to sort items.

It was freezing cold and we had to wear hard hats so I'm not looking so lovely!

 I was recently able to tour this amazing recycling facility and see that amount of plastics, paper and glass that comes into the facility and just how the process works. Amazing! The business of recycling isn’t one that is always lucrative because materials have markets that go up and down. Recycling facilities are not exactly cheap to run and operate but it is impressive to see a county and community so supportive and committed to recycling.


Do you recycle? Does your community support recycling?

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