As a child one of my favorite games to play happened to be Red Rover! I loved how my friends and I would tightly hold hands, plant our feet into the ground and hold on for dear life as someone tried to break through our chair of arms; an unbreakable bond.

With the negative mommy blogger press here, here, here and here (just a few) I feel more than ever we as a community need to lock arms, stand tall and let whomever write or say what they want because we’re good at what we do and what we all do so uniquely and differently and we as a community are unbreakable. Negativity and bullying stems from either jealousy, fear or complete ignorance and I think we have a combination here. Last year while I was in New York City standing in some crowd that believed Brad Pitt was going to walk out of a hotel a nice man told me my purse was unzipped. He was a former Wall Street Journal reporter without a job and when I told him who I am and what I do he laughed (insert the emotion jealousy). He said he was out of a job because of people like me and what, did I make like 10 cents a month on advertising (insert the emotion ignorance). I smiled and told him I was sorry he was out of a job but no I actually made more than his unemployment check. I walked away feeling bad that he thought it was just about the money, he doesn’t get it and most of the negativity comes from not getting it and fear of being where this man was, without a job.

Jennifer James wrote about holding our heads high and not quitting or letting buzz press knock us down and I agree but I think we need to stick together take on the Red Rover approach and focus on the positive.

Wanna play?

Why not? Great tips for free!

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