When it comes to being green – I am not that great at refurbishing items but I love when I see the sweet things other people create. For example, I love that someone took this old bike and used it under their bathroom sink! Genius!

Source: benjamin-bullins.artistwebsites.com via Sommer on Pinterest


I wanted to start refurbishing items myself and not just dreaming or drooling over other people’s creations. With so many great things on eBay the possibilities are endless! The eBay Green Team makes it even easier with their inspiring ideas but if you’re like me it’s not ideas you need but time and energy!

To get started I looked at the items in my house that I was considering listing on eBay or even donating to the local thrift store. I immediately found this old night stand that my cousin gave to me when I moved into my first apartment. It was full of water marks, dings and it was just plain ugly. Something that my husband would probably consider campfire wood but I put on my thinking cap and wondered what about this night stand would somebody else see?

I started thinking backwards as if I was shopping in my own house for an item to refurbish.

It dawned on me, I just needed some paint. One can of low VOC spray paint like I saw reviewed on Tree Hugger and I could bring this old nightstand back to life! For under $5 bucks and I could have a hot pink stand that would hold my daughter’s CD player and music to keep it all organized, off the floor and stylish! The better option of course is a paint a roller with a low to no VOC paint but like I said, I am taking baby steps!

So what will you list on eBay today? Could you refurbish it first? Is there something you see on eBay you could turn into something cool, like the bike and bathroom sink?

Disclaimer: I am an eBay parent panel member and this post is sponsored. My opinions and thoughts are my own.

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