Mothers need a break.  I think it makes us better at being moms. It gives us time to clear our heads, be ourselves and talk to other adults. Think. If it’s a date night we can chew our food without getting up to get someone a glass of milk or clean up the spilled milk. Eating a meal without cutting up someone’s steak besides my own- it is a rarity and a deserved one. It used to be that going to the grocery store was my break and when the supermarket got a coffee shop I suddenly had very long grocery shopping sessions!

Now I travel for work and so I have “work breaks” and these trips were something that years ago I might have dreamed about! Being on a beach in Miami – twist my arm! But t it’s funny, my heart aches for my little people. I wonder if they’re tucked in and do they have their ice water. I worry about my daughter’s hair being brushed and not all knotty. I miss them terribly but I know that I’ll be home soon, they are in great hands and that I’m doing my job, which requires travel. That’s okay the break is good for us, regardless of it being a beach or a coffee shop – I’m a mom that needs and deserves a break. All mothers do!  But as I travel and I read their letters or see their personalized gifts to me it warms my heart. It makes missing them a bit easier.

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

With mother’s day around the corner it reminds me of how important it is to give mom a special personalized mother’s day gift. Mom’s love these little reminders, especially mother’s like me that travel. Red Envelope has some very unique personalized gifts for mother’s day. Here are my top 3 favorite gifts {hint, hint hubby!}:

  1. Reasons I love you stones. Oh, these bring a tear to my eyes. For those long business trips when I cannot always connect via telephone I would love to have something like this in my suit case.
  2. Personalized vintage love letter. Something special to wear around my neck to know I’m loved and it’s a personal message – do
    Photo Credit: Personal Creations

    darling. Any mother would swoon to have this.

  3. Personalized signet locket necklace. I’d love to open this locket up and see my baby’s faces. Wouldn’t any mother? Something I could wear with anything and it would hang close to my heart.

Whatever you do for mom this year just remember to make sure it is from the heart and she will love it!

This post was sponsored by Red Envelope and Personal Creations, loving moms everywhere!

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