My home is 26 years old and when we purchased it from my mother-in-law we did some remodeling to make it ours. There are things in the home I’m not crazy about but it is an older home and I didn’t pick out the woodwork, closet doors, window frames, etc. That’s what happens when you purchase a home, there are things about the home you love and things you would love to change. For me, I’d like to replace the doors and closet doors throughout the home. This is costly and frankly, there isn’t anything wrong with them.

There are lots of ways to improve a home without replacing items or adding them to the landfill. For my doors we could repaint them with non-toxic paint. This would make them look just like new and I can pick the paint or stain color. This happens to take time and if you read Green and Clean Mom, you know I’m a little busy! Besides, I don’t really like remodeling and doing things myself. Not that I’m lazy, it’s just not my thing. I like to have someone else do it and supervise while I’m busy doing other things I’m good at and would rather do.

My solution is to cover particular closet doors with my children’s artwork. My son brings home new projects daily that he’s super proud of. I want to treat his artwork as though he is Picasso. My daughter can’t stop coloring and using her markers and paints. I save them for wrapping paper; cards and then I hang them on the doors I don’t want to look at. I’d rather see the children’s beautiful pictures and paintings. I’ve even considered keeping these on the doors and making colleagues and glazing over them to be a permanent part of our home. Something we can look at years from now and be proud of.

What are some things you do to green your remodeling?

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