I love bags, purses and functional pieces that allow me for a great deal of storage. I wouldn’t say I collect purses but I have a hard time finding a bag that I really love. A bag that looks trendy and is eco-friendly but friends I have found a bag that has exceeded my wildest expectations. Naturally Knotty and we are talking beautiful. Naturally Knotty brings a new meaning to recycling. The bags are made out of recycled pieces of fabric that would ordinarily be thrown away but now are stylish bags. I’m sporting the Mango Knotty Tote and guess what my favorite part of this tote is? The recycled plastic covering that I can just wipe to keep clean.

Green Renewable Luxury. Recycled. Posh. Trendy and Fashionable. I’m in love. If you sign up for their newsletter you will get 25% off your first purchase. Head on over to a new site I’m co-owner of, Organic Baby Products 101 on February 14th and you could even win one. Yes…win!!!

Oh, if you live near a Cosco you are so lucky because their organic dye free baby cashmere line is sold at Cosco. The cashmere line is so in demand it is selling out. Everyone wants their baby to wear soft, organic and dye free clothing!!

For moms who head out for the night – and you deserve to do this. You must carry the Knotty Night out clutch. I’m drawling over the black and white silk clutch. I’m might even splurge for Blogher o9! I wouldn’t be surprised if we see celebrities carrying the Naturally Knotty products and you can say you first saw those at Green and Clean Mom and now look, Jessica Alba has one! Wouldn’t that be cool? Maybe she reads my site! Eye roll, hey you never know!

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