School time is just around the corner and college students are dreading having to write that whopping check for tuition and books. Each year the cost of tuition and books keeping mounting but the paychecks and job opportunities keep thinning. Unfortunately I’m not able to find a solution to the ever increasing tuition but the cost of books is another story. There is a way to Reduce the amount of books you buy Reuse other students text books and Recycle the books that you have already used.

CampusBookRentals gives college students the ability to apply the 3R’s and fatten their wallets

Here’s the skinny on the site.

1. Search for your required textbooks

2. Rent your textbooks

3. Receive your textbooks (free shipping offered)

4. Return your textbooks (they provide the return envelope and free shipping)

It’s that easy, can you believe it?

I did a little research of my own and found that the text book Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education (with MyEducationLab) (6th Edition) by George S. Morrison cost

$83.16, at Amazon, $66.89 at Valorebooks, $89.33 and Pearson and only $61.50 at CampusBookRentals. If you don’t need your book for an entire semester the price goes down.

Not only does CampusBookRentals offer virtually any textbook for rent, they pay students for referring friends, they award scholarships every semester, and contribute a portion of the rental proceeds to a worthy humanitarian project each year.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and save money!!

FYI: If you already purchased your books from some other site and don’t need them anymore CampusBookRentals will buy them so you make money and others save.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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