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I remember seeing the 60 Minutes episode about resveratrol and it being this fountain of youth. Lately, I’ve been a bit worried about not looking so youthful. When I look at myself in the mirror and see a new line or get up from the floor and my knees hurt I start to think that I am older than perhaps I believe. It isn’t a great feeling and in all actuality I’m young but that “Baby” face I always had seems to be gone.

imagephpResveratrol has been proven to help one preserve their youthful radiance and increase cell production and rejuvenation; according to the website ReserveAge.com. When I was sent their product the Resveratrol 250mg I hesitated but then I decided I had nothing to lose. The product is made with certified organics and after watching the story and the 60 minutes clip I thought it wouldn’t hurt for me to try this one veggie capsule each day and let you know what I thought.

So what do I think? I think I felt nothing different the first few days but now I do notice an increase in energy. After all, I have pulled out the treadmill and started hiking in the woods! If you know me, this is a huge step because I don’t like to work out! I have more time to fully review the product and see if it has made a big difference but when I read the testimonials I can see why people are compelled to try the product. I’ll keep you abreast on if I run a marathon or lose 10 pounds you can bet I’ll be raving about this so called fountain of youth!

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