Plastic bags are out. When you go shopping they’re taboo. What about from the dry cleaner? Driving by the dry cleaner the other day a woman came out with at least a dozen plastic bags full of clothing. Not cool. The plastic bags are bad for the environment and most likely won’t be recycled and therefore they will end up in the landfill. Don’t believe me, visit the facts on plastic bags and what they do to the environment. What about a reusable dry cleaning bag? Dry cleaners should consider selling these to their customers to save them money and help the environment because they do exist!

clothenikYes, reusable dry cleaning bags for you to store your dry cleaned items in and then the dry cleaner use it to hang your clothes and return to you called Clothesnik. Genius and organic cotton! Available from where the site proudly boasts it’s celebrity use and recent Entertainment Tonight Emmy Awards party invitation. I must not keep up to date with this stuff because I found the product after some Google research and green mom curiosity and research. Clever product, useful, cost effective, reusable and organic-I’m loving it.

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