Plastic bags seem to be everywhere. One would think we would see less of them but first the habit has to be broken and a new one formed. A habit of using reusable bags and storing them in your purse, car, diaper bag and trunk – if we were charged for a plastic bag maybe our habits would change sooner. Actually we are charged for the bags, the cost is just rolled over to the cost of our food and items we buy at the store but if the clerk said I’d have to pay for a bag I might think twice and make a better effort next time to bring my reusable bags.

What about a reusable dry cleaner bag? Makes sense if you dry clean often and maybe the dry cleaners could promote them with their own logo and be really “eco-friendly” and cool. I was recently sent the Clothesnik dry cleaning bag and stored by dry cleaning bag because it has two purposes and comes with a draw string. I explained to the friendly dry cleaner I needed the bag dry cleaned or washed and then my clothes hung in the Clothesnik bag instead of a plastic bag. Again, I looked like I had a third eye but I’m getting used to this. I explained that that it takes as long as 500 years for a plastic bag to degrade and it’s bad for the oceans, animals and my children. I was helping the environment and making things easy for myself.

The nice gentleman smiled but was confused.

When I picked up my dry cleaning the lady was very impressed and asked more about the bags. She wanted to tell her other customers. Once you start something and people can see that there are alternatives then a ripple is made and hopefully a wave. All we can do is try and change our habits. The bags are only $30 and are available at www.reusenik.com.

As a side note: I had a great idea for the bag being used as a seat cover for a green wedding as a wedding favor. It would be very trendy and useful.

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