Markers dry out and then what, they end up in our landfills. Children love them and if they are washable and non-toxic, parents and teachers love them. I know how to recycle and reuse crayons but markers? I’ve never known how to recycle them and even when I tweeted about it and did some research I couldn’t dig up much on the recycling of markers. One of my favorite sites, Earth 911 couldn’t even help me. Disappointing. The best answer I could come up with came from Yahoo answers. Yes, Yahoo answers. What I learned is this, there is no green way to dispose of child friendly, non-toxic, washable markers. Sorry. I wish that there was. The plastic is just not recyclable and it won’t bio-degrade…that I know of. I’d love to learn otherwise and I’m sure my readers would too. If you know something share but I’ve written to the companies and I’ve gone to the store and there are no tips on the packages for recycling.

In the meantime, I’m going to make sure the caps are kept on the markers last as long as possible. I’m also going to promote reusing the markers and the caps on the markers. How?

To reuse the markers and caps:

1. Take a small cup of water, dip the marker into the water and whala you have a watercolor paint brush. The children have fun and you are reusing the ink that you thought was dried up but with some water, you have a marker paint brush.

2. Re-Use the caps and put them on your fingers to finger paint with…my children love this!

3. Talk to your children about putting the caps on the markers to use them for as long as possible. This alone can reduce the waste of the markers.

4. Try to use crayons instead of markers because from what I’ve experienced, I can recycle them personally and they can be recycled by companies.

5. Write Crayloa and other companies and urge them to make recyclable markers and ask for their suggestions. I just saw a 52 pack of markers at the store today and all I could think of was that they would end up in the landfill.

What else can you Re-Use the markers and the caps for? You tell me. Any ideas, share them here. I’d love to hear and so would teachers, parents, greenies and anyone sensible, I imagine.

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