Looking out my window and watching the birds or the puppy play in the green grass, makes me thankful for my vision. The sense of sight is so precious, it makes me sad for those that are without it. Our world really is wondrous to see and this is exactly why we should be protecting it. I want my children to look out and be thankful for seeing such beautiful landscapes.

What’s all this mushy stuff about? I recently bought new glasses and contacts and had a few pairs of old glasses that I wasn’t sure what to do with.  Recycle them? Donate them?  My vision center uses the Lions Club to help donate old spectacles. When you donate your old glasses someone less fortunate with your vision might receive them or your frames.  The glasses and frames are put to good use and sometimes  eye glasses are taken on mission trips for third world countries. This goes for those used sunglasses too! Don’t fill the landfill with them, donate them and the Lions Club will reuse them.

We take for granted our vision and being able to look through a pair of sunglasses and protect our eyes. Many people don’t have those luxuries and instead of filling our landfills with used  eye glasses that can’t exactly be “recycled” at a recycling center, they can be reused.  Find a local drop off center or club near you or send your used eye glasses in.  Rummage through the house for used sunglasses or old spectacles you might have left in the bathroom cupboard (bad me).  The more of us that think before tossing the more likely someone special will be able to see the world a little differently.

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