It’s so easy to let the state of the economy or the environment get to us and make us angry. When I hear about my kids sitting in car seats full of toxic chemicals or that my carrots and food are dipped in bleach I get angry.  It’s easy to do. Luckily this anger and frustration helped fuel the creation of Green and Clean Mom. I wanted to help other parents, find others like myself that cared about these issues and turn my online research into something. This is exactly what the founder of a new product line has done, she’s turned her frustration into something good for the environment. Marilyn Barrett, the founder of Revenge Is has decided to do something similar to Green and Clean Mom and take her collective frustrations to “encourage and inspire”.

“Our products and slogans have been conceived to acknowledge and validate our collective frustrations while at the same time encourage and inspire us and others to take action — to take meaningful steps toward a stable climate, a clean environment, energy independence, national security, a healthy economy, and a country of high moral principle and international regard that we can be proud of.”


Recently I had the opportunity to try a few of the Revenge Is recycled pop bottle tee shirts, hybrid mug and tuck away bag. Hot product line. The name makes people ask questions and it starts a conversation about the environment, recycling and what we can do to make things better. The tee shirts are actually made out of recycled pop bottles that are melted down to a fine yarn and then weaved with organic cotton to create a super soft and genuinely green and earth friendly shirt. I mean super soft but not too lose fitting so if you order one realize the shirt is more form fitting.  The hybrid mug was a favorite of mine because it is stainless steel, it doesn’t leak and my coffee stays HOT. It even comes with a tea strainer for those wanting to make hot fresh tea and a travel case. The cool thing, there is no hole to find to drink out of, 360 degrees drink ability. This week I was in fashion with my Revenge Is recycled pop bottle tee, reusable bag and stainless steel mug.

Make something of your frustrations with Revenge Is and start making a difference.

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