Rice for lunch in just 1 minute? Sign me up! I’m rice fan. I’ve always liked rice and remember my mom making canned tomato soup with rice on rainy days with grilled cheese. I loved, loved, and loved that meal. I actually still do but now I attempt to make my own homemade tomato soup. I like to make rice with spicy sausage, add different seasonings or just eat it plain. In fact, one of my favorite recipes is my cashew chicken recipe over rice. Yum!

My family, they’re not big rice fans. So I try to have rice a few times a week for lunch on my own. It’s loaded with B vitamins, iron, magnesium and good dietary fiber and protein. I was steaming rice and making several servings to last me a few days but it was a pain in the neck and my lunch times are short. Rice n Simple sent me a sample pack of their different rice varieties to try along with their sauces. After discovering that the rice has no preservatives, takes only 1 minute to cook and there’s only 155 calories per serving, I said heck yes let’s give this rice a whirl. Hand me the spoon!


What I’ve discovered is that I don’t like jasmine rice; it is longer and just tastes different to me. I definitely prefer the brown rice. The cooked teriyaki brown rice with chicken I grilled the day before was my favorite. A fast and easy lunch!

IMG_20140617_162600_131 (1)

The Rice n Simple bowls are microwavable bowls are made of #5 plastic, a polypropylene that is considered safe and can be recycled. Most yogurt containers are #5 plastic. Now does this mean that the bowls are “safe” to microwave? Yes, they’ve been determined safe according to the FDA but unless I’m in a hurry or on the go, I transferred my serving of Rice n Simple to a glass bowl to microwave. The directions say to remove the plastic film so transferring the rice to warm it for 1 minute made no difference to me for the flavor or texture. Alicia from The Soft Landing has a great article on why microwaving your food in plastic isn’t a good idea. Good House Keeping also had a great article about the dangers of heating our food in plastic and how the #5 plastic can leach Bisphenol A (BPA).

Overall, I liked how the rice tasted good. It was quick and easy, even after transferring the rice to a glass bowl to heat. As a rice fan I appreciated the ease and time it saved me for making a quick and healthy lunch during a busy work week. Hopefully Rice n Simple will come out with a BPA free plastic for warming their dishes but I couldn’t find anything on their website or plastic that could guarantee they were using BPA free packaging.





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