ricolaLogoThis Tuesday’s Shout out goes to Ricola! In an effort to raise cold and flu season awareness, Ricola is challenging people in an online sweepstakes to search for the elusive Ricola Mystery Cougher throughout a virtual US map on the website. Prizes include a $1,000 weekly giveaway throughout the six-week program and a grand prize at the end of the program of up to $1,000,000!

For help pinpointing the location of the Mystery Cougher, you can sign up and play at www.ricolamysterycougher.com. For your reference, below are instructions on how to play which are also available on the Ricola Mystery Cougher website.

Instructions on How to Play

Step 1:

Create a username and password – you will need to use this to login each time you play to save and track your progress

Step 2:

You will receive Clue 1 each Monday during the Sweepstakes that will contain information leading you to my first location of the week

Step 3:

Based on the clue, type in the name of the location in the search field where you think I am (i.e. Newark Airport) or the address

Step 4:

If you see the Ricola Mystery Cougher logo on the map, you have guessed the correct location! If there is no Ricola Mystery Cougher logo, you did not find me and should try again using different search terms or by adjusting the zoom level on the left side of the map

Step 5:

Once you have found the Ricola Mystery Cougher logo, click on it and follow the instructions to receive the next clue for the week – you will receive a total of 3 clues per week for 3 locations
Step 6:

When you have correctly found all three locations for the week by Sunday at 11:59:59 pm ET of that week, click the Ricola Mystery Cougher logo to be entered into the weekly sweepstakes drawing for a chance to win $1,000.  Correctly find all three locations for a week at any time during the Sweepstakes to be entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize of up to $1,000,000!

Guest post provided by Ricola and here’s some information about the company:

Based in Parsippany, NJ, Ricola USA, Inc. is a division of Ricola Ltd., the world’s leading supplier of herbal cough and throat drops. Headquartered in Switzerland, its natural herbal throat drops, cough drops, breath fresheners and other herbal products are exported to some 60 countries around the world. For more information about the company, please visit www.ricolausa.com.

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