I was working out and suddenly I had a crowd. It was a Saturday morning and the children were busy playing so I decided to sneak in a Journey Gym workout but of course my daughter had to watch, the dog took its place on the couch and my son wandered into the room. My audience must have found this amusing seeing me in pain, sweating, struggling and feeling like I might die.

My cheerleader’s on the side watching the lady on the video and then glancing back at me to make sure I was doing the exercise correctly says,

“Mom, you look like you might die. You are acting like you might die. Mom you will be fine. The lady on the video said push through it! Only 5 more minutes Mom!”

My son quizzically says,

“Since when do you do this type of stuff and where did you get something like this anyhow?”

Out of breath and red faced I replied,

“Mommies and daddies need to stay healthy to take care of their children. Mom is trying to be healthy and keep her heart healthy.”

They look at each other and shrug their shoulders and my daughter claps widely and shouts,

“Mom you’re skipping a step, try harder, you are almost done!”

Future Jillian Michaels?

Through Sweat & Tears

I push through the workout.

I want to cry.

Why couldn’t they just go away and play?

Even the dog has her eyebrows raised and I’m only wondering what she is thinking and thankful she cannot talk.

In hind sight, I’m glad my children are seeing me workout. I’m glad they’re seeing try to be healthier. If I can role model this for them the same as I role model please, thank you and many other examples I want them to learn – exercise is one I should definitely be proud to add to the list.

Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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