When a person grieves, they go through stages. I felt like I did this when I learned my children were drinking from cups that were leaking BPA. I couldn’t believe what had BPA in it. It began with denial. I denied the fact that the FDA would actually approve such a harmful chemical. Then I was angry that I did what I did and didn’t know better. I was angry at the companies, the government, everyone! Next I freaked out and was scared my children had been effected in some horrible way. I’ve confessed to using the bad plastic bottles and heating them. I was very fearful and then sad. Sad that other moms didn’t know about this and that it was continuing and CEO’s and companies were still using the harmful plastic. All of this turned into determination and motivation to unite with other moms through this website and do something good with the information, the platform and my degree in education and past fundraising experience. Join me in helping launching, BPA FREE Project! It’s just the beginning of something great, I know it! It isn’t perfect yet and has tweaking, upgrading and will most likely face road bumps but I’m determined!

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