Do you drink raw milk?  Unless you milk your own cow, the answer is probably no since the sale of raw milk is illegal in about half of the United States.

Consumption of raw milk is legal in all 50 states, but current federal regulation prohibits interstate commerce of raw milk and raw milk products for human consumption.

Ron Paul would like to change that law.

 U.S. Congressman Ron Paul has introduced H.R. 778 which would “authorize the interstate traffic of unpasteurized milk and milk products that are packaged for direct human consumption.”  According to the Organic Consumers Association:

The bill would not force a state to legalize the sale of raw milk from local producers, nor would it force a state to allow the sale of raw milk from out-of-state producers in its retail stores. The bill would, however, enable consumers to enter into transactions to obtain raw milk and raw milk products from other states without the transactions being in violation of federal law.

The current regulation banning raw milk sales 21 CFR 1240.61 states:

…no person shall cause to be delivered into interstate commerce or shall sell, otherwise distribute, or hold for sale or other distribution after shipment in interstate commerce any milk or milk product in final package form for direct human consumption unless the product has been pasteurized….

The only legal milk to be sold across state lines is pasteurized. Pasteurization kills disease causing germs and prevents souring by keeping milk at a temperature of 145 degrees F for at least half an hour, then reducing the temperature to no more than 55 degrees F.  According to “Raw Milk Vs. Pasteurized Milk” published in a British Medical Journal in 1938:

It is undoubtedly beneficial to destroy dangerous germs, but pasteurization does more than this-it kills off harmless and useful germs alike, and by subjecting the milk to high temperatures, destroys some nutritious constituents…But, after pasteurization, the lactic acid bacilli are killed. The milk, in consequence, cannot become sour and quickly decomposes, while undesirable germs multiply very quickly… Besides destroying part of the vitamin C contained in raw milk and encouraging growth of harmful bacteria, pasteurization turns the sugar of milk, known as lactose, into beta-lactose — which is far more soluble and therefore more rapidly absorbed in the system, with the result that the child soon becomes hungry again.

Probably pasteurization’s worst offence is that it makes insoluable the major part of the calcium contained in raw milk. This frequently leads to rickets, bad teeth, and nervous troubles, for sufficient calcium content is vital to children; and with the loss of phosphorus also associated with calcium, bone and breain formation suffer serious setbacks.

Read more about raw milk, Ron Paul and the policy over at Red, Green and Blue >>>>>

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