Providing our kids with healthy food and school lunches has been an ongoing discussion in the “green” community and media for a while now. Annie’s, a company dedicated to nourishing families with delicious natural and organic foods, is taking initiative and awarding one school a Farm to School program or school garden through their Root 4 Kids program.

Root 4 Kids has a goal and that goal is to get one million kids digging and planting new veggies through harvest 2011 and inspires families and schools nationwide to eat more real food. Root 4 Kids has created a friendly competition this spring, they are encouraging parents, family members, teachers and administrators to sign up at and commit to helping kids eat more veggies. The Root 4 Kids contest will award the school with the most sign-ups by May 31, 2011 with its choice of a Farm to School program or a school garden.

According to Root 4 Kids, the Farm to School program prize includes working with a state NFSN leader to customize a combination of activities that best help students become more deeply connected to real food. Options may include: introductory lessons on where food comes from; farm field trips; meals following a farm visit using vegetables harvested by students; garden sessions in the spring or fall; a “tasting table” featuring a sampling of freshly harvested vegetables; and more.

The school garden prize includes basic supplies, including seeds, soil and select tools, and assistance from a gardening expert to get the garden started.

This is a great way to get involved in your kids and students lives by helping them learn a new skill, watching the satisfaction on their face when they succeed at their goals, educating them, spending quality time with them and watching them consume healthy organic food. The Root 4 Kids site is a great resource for anyone looking to educated their kids about the benefits of eating healthy foods, organic living, cooking and more. The site also includes educational games, coloring pages, veggie quizzes, videos and more. It’s a great site that should be shared with all.

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